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Gargle - Wading in Shallow Waters (2018) EN

Gargle, an instrumental music duet from Tokyo, in their sound combines post-rock with neoclassical music and instruments (like piano or accordion) to "transmit a vivid story with a touch of melancholy". The way I see it, the touch on their second album "Wading in Shallow Waters" makes a heavy punch. 

The melancholic grandeur or melancholic drone, everything's an option for Gargle. Sometimes they seem to reach for the highest pinnacles ("Hibernation") while sometimes they look for inspiration in almost ambient sounds (the first part of "Desert Bloom"). What's interesting is that they found it also in Dostoevsky's novel "Notes From Underground", and the poem inspired by the book is cited in "Morphine". The most interesting instrument used by the Japanese clearly is the accordion, something unique and non-obvious, but capable of creating unparalleled atmosphere (especially in the dark "A Prelude to Nightfall").

he album is essentially closed in an absolutely orchestral manner in "Distanced", and one can hardly believe it's only two people making this music, and they do it also live! This is one great combination of the orchestral grandeur and the post-rock melancholy. Or the other way round.

"Wading in Shallow Waters" goes for 9.99 USD.

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