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The End Of The Ocean - -aire (2019) EN

The End Of The Ocean is a guitar collective from Columbus, Ohio, or, as the musicians themselves state, "a monumental slab of instrumental post-rock". On the tenth anniversary of their existence, they released an album called-aire.

The main characteristic of the American's music is the combination of really heavy guitar sounds with some really charming keys. Because of that they sound somewhat like an avalanche, but one in which you can notice the snowflakes' beauty. This rapid pace is what they are kin on, but sometimes they get slower and when they do, they become a personification of beautiful, instrumental magic (as it is in self). But they best when they combine the two modes and that's why the album's best track would be homesick, a song about this overpowering state of longing after a place from your memories.

-aire costs 10 USD.

Check: homesick
Country: Ohio, US
Genre: beautiful post-rock

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