czwartek, 19 września 2019

Tender Buttons - Of Course We Still Love You (2019) EN

They appeared on the blog almost a year ago with the single track Cry at Night. Now the Australians of Tender Buttons finally showed some more material and I can safely say that I wished it wasn't just an EP.

Of Course We Still Love You consists only of four tracks. It begins with Lie to Me, exceptionally intimate ballad in some places reminding me of The XX but combined with some dream pop tear-jerkers. And it's very fitting for their own words as they state that they create "bittersweet pop melodies". Two tracks we already know are Take a Little Time and Cry at Night. Both are somewhat modest hits that have delicate melodies and subtly optimistic and supporting the listener messages. The thing that sounds awesome in them is  Jessicca Bennett's vocal that sounds as if she sang without any effort but at the same time getting deeply down the souls.

Of Course We Still Love You costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Take a Little Time
Country: Australia
Genre: delicate dream pop

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