piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020

Qualia - Lost (2020) EN

Dan Leader and his solo project Qualia appeared on the blog before with Hopeless Optimism. Now, the Englishman comes back with at least as good Lost.

So once again we come into Leader's atmospheric and noisy realm. His music is made of post-ambient-folk in many places drawing from neoclassicism or delicate but omnipresent noise. Warm and nostalgic ballads like Wherever You Go, There You Are or Lost are listed just next to a real symphony of experimental folk crossed with guitar noise, a brilliant Inquietude or shorter but more intense Phantasm. The whole thing is spiced with a pinch of lo-fi ambiance and tons of poignant sadness. Beautiful.

Lost costs whatever you want to pay.
Check: Wherever You Go, There You Are
Country: UK
Genre: noisy post-folk

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