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A Light in the Dark - Insomnia (2020) EN

Russian artist known only from his initials B. M. is a real machine creating music under various monikers, but it seems that no matter if it's Hiki, Skyforest or A Light in the Dark - it's always characterized by the quality and enthusiastic vibes. Just like on Insomnia.

In all of the cases, it's always the euphoric face of metal married to electronics and walls of synths. The new album is no exception, the atmosphere here climaxes all the time but at the same time always provides us with simply  good music. Changing vocals (for example in Let It Guide You), samples, some specifically metal elements like mechanic drums and aggressive though withdrawn growl together with impressive electronic spicing (so good in Vortex). There's a lot of the cyberpunk theme of a great, neon-filled city, to journeying through which the artist invites the audience adding that "you are in for a long ride…with no destination".

Insomnia costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Vortex
Country: Russia
Genre: synth metal

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