piątek, 4 czerwca 2021

After the Thought - Endless (2021)

Matt Chapman Jones known as After the Thought, is an ambient/soundscape artist from UK. His discography is already quite extensive and it was enriched by a fantastically moody soundscape on the album called Endless.

Indeed, the music here feels like it could endlessly go on. The guitar and synth-based loops are made into long pieces of drony ambient passages with relaxing and meditative properties. It's monotonous in the best way possible, making the whole album one, long mesmerizing trip. One that you can easily sleep to while at the same time having the feeling of experiencing something beautiful. It's not easy writing about ambient/drone like this, it's way better to have a listen.

Endless costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: #14
Country: UK
Genre: looped soundscape

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