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Nate Wey - Lost Realities (2021)

Nate Wey's single appeared on this blog already back in September '18 and it's hard to believe that the solo debut LP of Souvenir Driver's vocalist is released only now, three years into the future. His signature dreamy atmosphere and warm vocals prove that it was worth waiting for.

His music is a blend of slow, almost acoustic-like indie pop-rock with ethereal atmosphere, making me think of Rey Villalobos and his House of Wolves in the more peaceful parts. The compositions here are driven by Way's soft, whispering-like vocals and subtly noisy guitars in the backgrounds. But the most impressive here is the artist's ability to write catchy and captivating melodies: songs like Suddenly Tamed, Dark Fountain and the beautiful ballad Ghost Station are what stays with you after the album finishes.

Given the moody but also emotional vibes present in his music, it's no wonder he sings about romance, break-ups but also apocalypse. The latter is very tangible in those rare moments when Wey's music gets louder and more rock-like, changes of pace like this are always surprising and slightly terrifying, however, it means there's no way to get bored with the artist's music. And talking about emotions, I have not heard in a long time a song as emotional as No Harm No Faul, this tragic break-up song is such a tear-jerking anthem someone like Paragraphs could sing. Beautiful.

Lost Realities costs 7 USD.

Check: Ghost Station
Country: Oregon, US
Genre: emotional dream pop

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