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Flying Moon in Space - Zwei (2022)

They debuted in 2020 (if you don't count a soundtrack album they released earlier) and immediately proved they deserve a place within the Fuzz Club label's team. Their new album sets the bar even higher as this psychedelic delight should appeal to any kind of listener.  

I feel like while their 2020 debut was good, the sophomore Zwei is simply brilliant. It marries and mixes genres and stylistics like it's nothing. It comes from psychedelic rock but involves so much of the pop's energy and catchiness that it should be played on radio. And in this unpretentious drawing from everything around, it goes as far as to rap-ish This Exists or very electronica-oriented vocalless Power. But in general, the Germans make psychedelic music with crazy melodies, unique vocals with a lot of punk's shouting vibes and heavy pace. It's adrenaline and energy kick you can run on for long hours. 

And this works even though the compositions are fairly long. The band doesn't stop for a bit, the music goes on and on in a head-spinning pace with incredibly satisfying flow. No wonder that on their recent remix-filled album, the remixes were provided by such names as Xiu Xiu, Suuns or A Place To Bury Strangers - all of them well known for the music that is both catchy and experimental.

Zwei costs 9 EUR (7 GBP).

Check: This Exists
Country: Germany
Genre: energetic psychedelic rock
Label: Fuzz Club

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