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푸른 산 - 님의 침묵 (2022)

Coming from the Korean city of Incheon, 푸른 산 (Puleun San) is a post-rock band who released "an album from the heart" which is supposed to "celebrate beauty, peace and nostalgia". And 님의 침묵 presents an interesting take on instrumental music.

I feel it may be the Korean specialty as 푸른 산is not the first artist here who makes post-rock music as if it was supposed to be a shoegaze background, just waiting for some airy vocals. The overall structure of the fast and not that long compositions as well as their effect-heavy and dense nature, suggest some kind of influence coming from the shoegaze icons of the 90s. Still, I can't say that the band's music feels deficient without the vocals, I'm saying that this post-rock's flavour hits different than usually and I must say it is a compliment. 

The interesting fact is that the album's title translates to "silence" while its content is everything but quiet music. The most impressive example of the loud music the Koreans create is the album's longest track 님의 침묵 that uses its whole length to overwhelm the audience in the best possible way.

님의 침묵 costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: 님의 침묵
Country: South Korea
Genre: shoegaze-like post-rock

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