wtorek, 25 lipca 2017

They Danced Like Programmed Angels - The World To Come (2017) EN

Jon Wolper from Washington is hidden behind a project with a fantastic name. Get ready for tons of atmosphere mixed with mystical ambient.

The album in snot long but there is a lot to it. "Fanfare" is dense ambient with unsettling message. Field recordings enrich this track with quite an apocalyptic dimension, the keys at the end sound more like gloomy church bells then something that is supposed to ease the mood.

In "Normalize" there is less going on but it's not a disadvantage at all. In the middle of the track the dark and minimal ambient is brighten up by a synthesizer wave that gives the beginning to "The World to Come". And this is even more gloomy with its whipping keys and mysterious ending. Your life will be a bit sadder after listening to this music.

"The World to Come" is available for pay what you want.

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