piątek, 15 grudnia 2017

Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Steps (2017) EN

Tom Honey started his project because he suffered from tinnitus that made it difficult for him to sleep. He decided to create music that could lull him to sleep. And although the present sound of  Good Weather For An Airstrike isn't a lullaby anymore, there is a lot of dreamy feeling in it.

In Honey's music the ambient atmosphere is combined with beats that gently measure the time and with living instruments with the piano keys in the foreground (for example going together with the most delicate sound of xylophone in "Blossom"). When needed, it is strengthen with guitars and samples found somewhere in the ether and those drag the music towards post-rock.

"Little Steps" is a slow walk through a garden of dreams where the Sun generates the most fantastic colours and where you can meet what you dream of. Because what a good weather for an airstrike actually is? Good weather.

"Little Sleeps" costs 9 USD.

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