piątek, 17 maja 2019

Sven Laux and Daniela Orvin - The Writings (2019) EN

Two Berlin-Based artists cooperating and releasing an album together under Dronarivm label, what could go wrong? Already known on this blog Laux and multi-instrumentalist Daniela Orvin on The Writings are showing some mad skills in the field of melancholic neoclassicism.

The concept of this album is really interesting, half of the tracks were created by either Laux or Orvin so it could be treated as a split album, on the other hand the second half is their joined effort. The artists themselves state that creating the album made them become friends who complete each other's talents. And The Writings became a meta-album the theme of which is the cooperation itself.

From the music point of view, it is extremely sad mixture of neoclassicism and minimalist and sometimes industrially sounding ambient. And indeed, the most interesting tracks seem to be the ones created by both of the artists, especially the two-part track Same Situation, Different Perspectives and ecstatically depressive The Writings.

The Writings costs 7 EUR.

Check: The Writings
Country: Germany
Genre: melancholic neoclassical

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