czwartek, 20 czerwca 2019


NNRA is a project behind which stands Louis Lambert better known from Ddent, a band we really like on this blog. His solo persona brings some interesting approaches to his work and is very different from the band's music. Check it out on INCARNE.

Divided into seven tracks album makes a masterpiece of somewhat cinematic and somewhat industrial and very guitar post-rock. The drums (automatic drums maybe?)'s heavy pace gives this industrial flavour to the whole thing (especially in the second piece), the strings brings the cinematic and the whole rest, especially the modern way of composing, the intriguing. Especially in places like the 4b track with its modernist catchiness. But the last two tracks are the very essence of epic, monumental post-rock with complex string section and massive drums. That's what I like.

INCARNE costs how much you want to pay.

Check: Incarne Movement 4b
Country: France
Genre: cinematic post-rock

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