piątek, 20 grudnia 2019

Gob Ribbons - Attain - Maintain (2019) EN

The Swiss guitar alternative music has their prime time recently, great albums were released by E-L-R or maïak, but there's also this debut EP from the talent show Sprungfeder winners Gob Ribbons of Luzern.

Three-track-long album begins with Hegemony, a track created around US president Eisenhower's speech and aggressive, more heavy rock than metal vocals repeating a phrase "nothing has changed". The band "tell a story about the idealization of striving, the collective cult of prosperity and the fear of losing an attained position" and they do it with a combination of progressive rock, oldschool heavy metal and modern post-rock. A weird one but exceptionally edible.

Attain - Maintain costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Hegemony 
Country: Switzerland
Genre: post-heavy-metal

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