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Kokomo - Totem Youth (2019) EN

Great news, the German Kokomo decided to join the many post-rock bands releasing great albums this year. That's why we can appreciate their fifth album Totem Youth that, if it was not enough, can be your for free!

You have to agree that the band can express themselves not only with music but also in writing, you should read their text about their own music on the Facebook profile. "We never frantically tried to reinvent the genre, but we hope we can set ourselves apart with new album and upcoming shows, reach people and evoke something in them" - this is something that the Germans absolutely succeed in, also on the newest album. Their music is heavy and difficult to speed up, but when it does, it's like a locomotive that crushes everything on its way.

It's interesting in Narcosis in which the rapidness is missing but thanks to this, the dark and loud composition creates a mesmerizing effect. In the impressive Golden Guns it develops in a slow but epic way. And in Melodic Rock Night it's enriched by... vocals. And it sounds like Alcest would in a more post-rock form.

Totem Youth costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Melodic Rock Night
Country: Germany
Genre: heavy post-rock

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