piątek, 23 sierpnia 2019

Gust Recorder - Subnivean (2019) EN

Again a solo project from Russia, this time it's the project from Ilia Sizov. The artist explores the borders of post-rock, ambient and post-metal. This May he released an interesting album called Subnivean

The artist creates post-rock that is not crazy with the pace, but rather focuses on generating the atmosphere. It can be more epic as in Low-Pressure Cell or surprise with a sudden drone collapse as in the great track Lull. Great work in Sizov's music is done by synth sounds in many places carrying the burden of creating melodies in his compositions, as well as skillful use of basses as in Dissipation Nights. Each track by the Russian seems to go on forever so the musician has time to slowly develop them and dose the tension only to finally crush the audience with an impressive finish or/and mesmerizing composition.

Subnivean costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Dissipation Nights
Country: Russia
Genre: industrial post-rock

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