czwartek, 22 sierpnia 2019

The Journey of Eric Taylor - Reroute (2019) EN

Post-rock based mostly on guitar riffs and tons of atmosphere - this is what the German The Journey of Eric Taylor sound like. It's worth checking on their debut album called Reroute.

The German band don't beat around the bushes and from the very first moments attack the audience with lively, loud and quite melodic post-rock. There's no room for anything but the guitar riffs and rhythmic, sometimes black metal fast drums. But this is the goals: to overpower with the rock spirit and not let the listeners rest at any rate. So the music "invites the viewer to dream, and that encourages them to simply close their eyes and drift allow". And it's what it does, especially when it comes to the very loud and very catchy finishes as in Hysteria.

With every coming track, the album gains epicness and grandeur. The sweetest bites are the over-10-minutes-long Decay of Dreams and Shutter. Quite a feast.

Reroute costs 7 EUR.

Check: Memo
Country: Germany
Genre: guitar post-rock

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