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Voyage In Solitude - Last Train From The Hill EP (2018) EN

Voyage In Solitude is a one-man project by Derrick Lin, a musician from Hong Kong, that was created to "express the loneliness, helplessness, frustration" of people in this city. It is well matched with Lin's slow and loud guitar shoegaze. You can taste it on the artist's debut EP.

In Voyage In Solitude's music you can hardly find any entertaining melodies, the shoegaze here is dark and dense like a sea of magma with the fittingly peaceful but also poignant vocal. The raw guitars create the atmosphere of uncertainty and danger, no wonder Lin states that apart from shoegaze, the genres that inspired him most included post-rock and an atmospheric black metal (which is heard clearly in the dark "Abyss" with its black metal drums).

The artist knows a lot of tricks to create the dark atmosphere. Another one is the use of gloomy samples of spoken word in "Ticket to the Overworld" that balances between a peaceful music of hopelessness and elevated guitar choruses. This soundscape depicts well the whole, emotional and dark album by Lin.

"Last Train From The Hill" costs 4 USD.

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