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Doomina - Orenda (2018) EN

Genre: post-rock, influences: yes, information: "something something Doomina". Those artists from Austria have no time for bullshit and instead of writing essays about themselves, they let the music introduce them. Recently they've done that on their fourth and the most developed album called Orenda.

Their music is made of hard, masculine post-rock bordering tightly with doom-like guitars and southern climate. Still though, there's so much imaginativeness and grace in their music that I for once, although quite tired of doom metal, became a fan. The album is long, varied and well thought through as a whole. Some of the most interesting fragments involve the drum-oriented middle part of Soyuz II, crushingly guitar-filled Synaesthesia, or the epic composition of The Thing With Feathers.

When the Austrians gain speed, there's nothing that can stop them. The energy and power hidden in their guitar music does not only overwhelm but also inspires. Even though there's a short fragment of peace in Tiny Danza, the band is quick to come back to the chosen path of epic noise.

Orenda costs 10 EUR.

Check: Synaesthesia
Country: Austria
Genre: doomed post-rock

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