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Borusiade - A Body (2018) EN

Coming from Romania, Miruna Boruzescu is a DJ and electronic music artist who after an epic odyssey throughout Berlin's clubs, decided to release her own material as Borusiade. "A Body" is already a couple months old as it was published in March but to overlook such a good album would be a sin so better late than never.

The album's opened with "Cluster" that creates a unique atmosphere with ambient sounds slowly turning into dark and foggy disco where the industrial and very organic pulse forces to dance. This track can be treated as an introduction to the album's best - "Breathe". Engaging and really unsettling lyrics ("and when you think you got it, you think you're in control, the slightest thing can kill you, it wouldn't matter at all") are combined with mesmerizing music and Boruzescu's deep voice that fits it perfectly.

Meanwhile, in "Dormant" the artists reaches to spoken word to somewhat create a cold-wave atmosphere of anxiety enhanced by whispers dancing in the backgrounds. But with every minute of the album, the artist seems to succumb to her clubbing nature. "An Aquarian Feeling" and industrial "Silent" are not subtle beats anymore, it is the human resistance's discotheque to the fullest.

"A Body" costs 7 EUR.

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