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Her Name Is Calla - The Dead Rift EP (2018) EN

The English Her Name Is Calla still drift far away from the traditional post-rock waters and their newest EP brought them really close to the fascinating land of quieter music that can be perhaps called post-folk. After four albums and a number of EPs, "The Dead Rift" still shows a lot of classical instrument use with violins and piano playing the main roles, together with the post-rock spirit.

The title track, "The Dead Rift", in some places sounds especially folkish (mainly when the female vocal joins the male one), sometimes like what they amazed us years ago - the combination of post-rock tension and folk atmosphere, and sometimes quite experimental when Tom Morris starts to recite the chorus couple times faster then the rest of the song. The balance is kept by the following tracks - a beautiful ballad "Regrounding" with acoustic guitar and violins as the main actors and by the piano-only "Phosphenes".

The tension comes back in "Let's Go Out Tonight" that may sound peacefully at first but it really gets to the listener with its nervous pulse in the background and Morris' vocal show. And if someone lacks some of the more lively side of the project, the band added a quite well done remix of "The Dead Rift" at the end.

"The Dead Rift" costs 3.49 GBP.

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