czwartek, 12 lipca 2018

Tape Waves - Distant Light (2018) EN

Tape Waves consists of Jared and Kim Weldin. But also of a sea of subtle dream pop coming right from the seacoast of South Carolina. Their new album, "Distant Light", can easily compete for the title of the best dream pop of this year thanks to the unique atmosphere generated by the musicians.

The level of delicateness of Kim's vocal can hardly be described and even though the accompanying music is not particularly loud, when compared, it sounds like thunderstorm. Because singing on the album is like honey poured on a tired heart what, together with engaging melodies and lo-fi music makes a real lotion for the soul.

Some tracks that stand out include "Half There" in which the delicate vocal is met only with a clear rhythm of the drums, catchy and super sweet "Daisy" or finally the dreamiest ballad here, "Distant Light". Definitely worth listening to, it'll be some time until someone level the musical softness of Tape Waves.

"Distant Light" costs 9 USD.

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