środa, 31 stycznia 2018

Denney - home/room EP (2017) EN

The Denney - Adam Norris duo shows on their EP how interesting the combination of poetry and beautiful, dreampop-like music is. Denney writes that he is "too young to be a poet, yet too old to have an imagination". I doubt it's true but if so, it's good that this album is built on poems he created some time ago in high school.

And they are very grown-up. A są one bardzo dojrzałe. "You loved the creator not the product/ Now dear, please love the man I’ve become/ I’m walking out my demons/ I’ll never forgive myself if I brought even one of them home" ("home")  and filled with unique metaphors: I was born to a dying glacier/ My mother melted on me, never could firmly embrace me/ Said my daddy was a snow-capped mountain, and my sis a valley" ("room").

Denney's vocal doesn't sound really typically hip-hoppish. It's more spoken words with no fear of showing emotions. Also the backgrounds are far from what we know as hip-hop ones. They sound as if they were generated in a smoke-filled bar with keys, guitar and automatic drums. And it all fits perfectly.

"home/room" costs whatever you want to pay.

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