wtorek, 9 maja 2017

Jan-Dirk Platek & We Deserve This - Convex (2017) EN

We Deserve This, a solo project of Jan-Dirk Platek, is non-obvious ambient bordering with post-rock and industrial music. Definitely a dark thing and quite awe inspiring in its darkness.

I'm not sure if I'd call it ambient though. There's not much of peacefulness and this ambient's ability to accompany the listener somewhere in the background. Platek's music deserves your whole attention. The album offers a good dose of loftiness and spatiality that is provided by the synthesizer keys creating spectacular soundscapes. They are used as background for icicles of warm keys and noisy sounds or the whole noisy compositions ("DR576"). Not to mention the last track that is filled with thrilling spooky atmosphere.

The music by We Deserve This makes the heart feel darker and exalted. It's this kind of sound.

"Convex" costs 4 EUR.

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