czwartek, 18 maja 2017


ME is a nickname of Minco Eggersman, multiinstumentalist from the Netherlands. With his music, he takes the audience for a trip to places they won't be able see otherwise, at least not in the same way. He creates albums and soundtracks, the newest album, as the title suggests, show the uncanny face of Caucasus Mountains.

The album begins with string compositions. But they are far from concert halls and sound more like street artists or a head of the family playing for his relatives. Modest and tear jerking. "Dance" adds guitar and dark vocal of one of the guest artists - and the list of guests here is really impressive.

But the almost-lively tracks like "Dance" are very rare. It's a kingdom of music created to contemplate. Just like it is with the jazzing and surprising with organ sounds "Holy Ground". Ain't easy but it's beautiful. Especially when you get to the looong climax in "Tbilisi Calls".

"KAVKAZIA" costs 10 EUR.

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