wtorek, 16 maja 2017

Supernova 1006 - Unique World (2017) EN

Visually derives from the best examples of coldwave and post-rock, musically shows energy mixed with artistic blase. The duo from Saint Petersburg is one of the best ways of combining coldwave with shoegaze and some other tasty genres.

Whispering vocals and monotonous drums in the background with outstanding solo played on synthesizer. This is the formula for good music by the Russians. But it's only the first impression. The album is made by tiny electronic sounds and guitars, plus melodies that hardly let the audience sit in their chairs. It is filled with short but fast tracks that are simultaneously moody with the whispering shoegazing vocals.

However, after the first tracks it gets dangerous as it s the atmosphere of distress and threat reigns the cold "Murder". But it changes only to go back to this mix of fast pace and well design atmosphere in "Photons".

"Unique World" costs 7 EUR.

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