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Малыш Камю - Nobody Wants To Play With Me (2017) EN

Kate and Evgenyi make up a dreampop duo from Russia and apart from creating very good music, they also confirm that not so famous city of Taganrog is a home to many talented musicians as it's not the first post here about its inhabitants. Малыш Камю is music that is delicate and sweet like tea with a good dose of sugar and makes up a definition of bedroom music.

The album brings awe with its sensual keys playing ear-pleasing melodies that go well together with Kate's vocal that is airy but also not entirely without a hint of craziness. And it's like that in both more esoteric songs ("Reality") and more lively dreampop hits like "Another Summer Song" ot "To be One". The best is probably "Lake" that evolves from an airy murmuring to a well shaped dreampop treat or "Better" that succumbs with its chorus.

The album's title is a reference to a movie by Werner Herzog, who explored a complicated world of children. No doubt, the sweet melancholy of the Russian duo goes together with it.

"Nobody Wants To Play With Me" is available for 7 USD.

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