środa, 10 maja 2017

Versus The Ghost - Versus The Ghost (2017) EN

Post-rock filled with emotions is always welcome. This time it is provided by the English project by the trio Berényi, Butler, and Czimmermann - Versus The Ghost. British musicians have just released the whole gallons of thrilling music on their new album.

Already the first track develops moody keys and crying-like melody but soon enough there goes a real earthquake of guitars. It is the beautiful keys that are a leitmotif of this project, they give an oneiric style to the epic post-rock. There is not much of guitars here but when they appear you can feel it. And it's not just art for art's sake. It creates tension in compositions developing towards a final blast  ("Burning Skies") or just inspire with their awesome epicness ("Deserts & Night Visions").

The musicians claims that they wanted to create something "personal and beautiful" and I'll be damned if they didn't succeed.

"Versus The Ghost" costs 7 GBP.

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