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Кроль - Тьма (2017) EN

Darkness is not only a title of the new album by the Russian project called Кроль, darkness is something that pours out of every note of their dark dreampop music. Aided by a range of musicians duo Olga "Jorgan" Roshtchina - Carl "Valerius" Renstalbaldanken serves something between folk and electronic dreampop in a very unnerving shape.

Кроль's music is a mixture of Roshtchina's mesmerizing vocal and super interesting blending of guitars and electronic music. And there's also this dark, slow atmosphere generated by beats and guitar noise polluting the backgrounds. Great effect is also created by cooperation with another vocalist, Julya Nakaryakova in "Как хорошо, что ты не здесь" that shows how easy it is for the artists to make catchy music pieces. But, together with lyrics ("So good you are not here") and dark instrument sounds, it aligns with the atmosphere of the rest of the album.

Another well done trick was to base "Огонь в поле плевел", which sounds like a folk lamentation, on the sound of Chinese folk instrument called hulu. The second part of the album is generally more folk-ish and for some reasons this blending of folk and modern music sounds as if they were born to accompany each other.

"Тьма" kupić można za 24 złote (7 USD).

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