piątek, 16 lutego 2018


"All sounds by Bryce Hample" says the Bandcamp website of this project. Sometimes he gets aid by his "lovely friends" too. Those phrases fit perfectly the undoubted intimacy of REIGHNBEAU from New Mexico's music.

If you prefer to know hat instrument you are listening to at the moment, this is not an album for you. "FINGERTIPS" is ruled by a sea of sounds, homogeneous like a pudding and equally involving. Mesmerizing synths accompanied by delicately pulsating beats with distant and hidden vocals make a perfect recipe for an airy music trance. It is especially true in an impressively complex "BESIDE" (not to be confused with another song, "BEDSIDE") and in swarming with overlapping vocals "A WHOLE TO FILL".

"FINGERTIPS" costs 4 USD. 

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