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WARM - WARM Pt. 2 (2018) EN

Don't be fooled by the winter picture, the New York based WARM is warm not only in its name. It's entanglement of guitar sounds and dispersed vocals that is as warm as your bed when you dream.

They kept us waiting quite long as "WARM Pt. 1" is already almost three year-old. And we got only a new EP but it's stil very much worth appreciating. Everything here is dreamily beautiful , everything is embroidered with this airy atmosphere we usually wake up from. This time you can turn on WARM's music and stay in dream as long as you want.

All of the four tracks on the album are kept in similar atmosphere but there is also something unique in each of them. "Stay" seduces with the finish when vocals are left by guitar sounds alone and they sound extremely sweet. "Home" is a super-warm song with lyrics filled with hope. "Hollow"  is built on a thick bass line which means that when the guitars hit the hit is even bigger. The track that differs the most is "Weak". It starts as a delicate ballad sounding much like Slowdive's music but it is soon devoured by hungry guitars. WARM rocks.

"WARM Pt. 2" costs whatever you want to pay.

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