czwartek, 22 lutego 2018

MVGRE - Punks De La Ola Oscura EP (2018) EN

The title of the EP means exactly "The punks of the darkwave" And it's basically enough to describe the music created by the Argentinian artist known as MVGRE.

All of the three not very long songs are drowned in the same atmosphere of nihilism and fascination of several decade old electronic music. Plus the dispersed vocal that brings this darkgazing flavour. Synth compositions tell the stories of fear of the future ("Paranoia is my shield I can't get rid of, let's leave the future in front of us" in "Dejemos El Futuro Atrás") and personality crisis ("How can I heal? How can I believe?" in "Porcelana Marcial"). 

The whole album has a lot of this non-professional coldwave's charm which makes this music honest and more reliable than other genres. And since it is an invocation about pain of existence, we should feel for the artist and treasure the emotions he put in his music.

"Punks De La Ola Oscura" EP can be your for anything you want to pay.

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