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:WatchCamp: ./noise, Eveleen, Loather, Tambour, the silhouette of nude (2018) EN

./noise - świergot

Polish experiment by Karol Firmanty, two tracks - a lit up with birds' singing ambient in "ptaki" ("birds") and more mysterious and darker in "bebok" ("boogeyman"). Intriguing. And costs whatever you want to pay.

Eveleen - From Me To You

Solo project by Seta Respati from the Indonesian city of Magelang. Beautifully delicate neoclassic tracks that explode with, as the artist states it, noise after a while. Can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

Loather - †

Inspired by Jim Jarmush post-rock from Austria. Music full of darkness and tension with surprisingly beautiful vocals. Perhaps a new album soon? Two tracks for 2 EUR.

Tambour - Silhouettes

Another dose of the neoclassic beauty, this time created by an acclaimed Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Simon Piché-Castonguay. The track goes for 1.5 CAD.

the silhouette of nude - Jusen

Ridiculously loud and chaotic post-rock from Tokyo, awesome music. The two tracks can be yours for 4 EUR (500¥).

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