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dreamswell - Act 2 EP (2018) EN

As they picture themselves, dreamswell is a collaborate work by Philadelphia based artists who started to cooperate to "to hit hard, get muddy, and whisper lightly". This description itself plus a very doom-metal-like cover art show very well that dreamswell have chosen to play an interesting genre-blending music - doomgaze.

Characterised by grinding guitars and heart-trembling atmosphere of doom metal but also by melodic and subtle vocals taken from shoegaze. One of the most impossible mixtures, especially that the vocal is delicately female and the guitars are raw and overwhelming.

Act 2 is a continuation of the first part released half a year ago. And although it's only three tracks, the unique style of the band is tangible. "Naive" is very grinding, "Temporary" makes a massive ballad, just like the last song on the album - reaching the pinnacle of epicness, long "Buried". The latter only adds up the feeling of regrets that the end of the album comes so quickly.

Akt 2 is available for whatever you pay.

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