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Coma. - Agony | Hophek (2018) EN

A trio from Austria that can describe well what the Hell is to their audience. And the musicians of Coma. with a dot have a very clear idea about this because their "own personal hell" is humanity and when you hear about all the things happening all around the world, you can barely deny it. The Austrians scream out their opinions on this good as hell album - "Agony | Hophek".

It is opened by a great intro - "IXIIXI", that may not be metal as such but includes so much of uneasiness and horror that makes your spine chill. Obviously, a great work here do whispers and screams decorating the track. The next song brings the thing the musicians love - automatic rifle fast drums and aggressive guitars being a background for two kinds of vocals - raging, high-pitched screaming and demonic, deep growl.

You can hear despair and musical sob in every f the tracks, and even when in some places you can catch a glimpse of "clear" vocal, you can't get it as a normal thing. Even when in the middle of "Forsaken" the atmosphere is being calmed down by very moody keys, your normal state is hard to reach. The closest to peace is perhaps  "Sleepwalker V", a beautiful ballad with ominous whispers are far away and even when they finally take over the stage, the foreground is still occupied, perhaps surprisingly, by piano keys. Although you should rather say that during the whole album it belongs to the feeling of danger and desperation.

"Agony | Hophek" costs whatever you want to pay.

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