wtorek, 27 lutego 2018

Discordense - 5 t. (2018) EN

French post-rock appears here on regular basis, recently because of the great album by Songes. This time it's new material from the band from "the mountains around Lyon" - Discordense. As they say, their music is part rock, part post-rock, part machines. This industrial approach fits the dark mood of "5 t.".

The Frenchmen's music offers a lot of uniqueness. First of all, while writing about themselves, they forgot to mention the spoken lyrics which, going together with quality post-rock music is not very common. It goes as well for the primal-sounding backing vocals in the great "parfois". And when you start to think that the whole album is going to emit this dark energy, there goes the well and long developing "sleepers" with a moody ambient-like start and intense finish backed up by samples with female voice.

"je les ai vus" sounds even more like a French hip-hop that get lost in a world of guitar music by mistake. My opinion is that it's one of the coolest genre blending in the genre. And if it's not someone's cup of tea, there's more classic post-rock in the last two songs "shelters" i "Scarlett"and they sound great too.

"5 t." can be yours for just 2 EUR.

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