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Seyfert - Boa Noite/Boa Sorte (2018) EN

Seyfert is a solo project of André Luiz, that evolved into a four-pieces band with Yasmin Cruz as a vocalist. The Brazilians have just released their album "Boa Noite/Boa Sorte" where they emit so much eclecticism that doesn't make the atmosphere of the album any less unique.

Diversity is what's the most characteristic for this album. It starts with a delicate neoclassic intro and if it made someone less vigilant, they can be really surprised when "Nomes e Datas" 's guitars suddenly hit. They are not very loud but surely are aggressive. Still though, they go down quite quickly and Seyfert's music becomes relaxing ("Pointeros") and even... electronically epic ("Transcurso").

Another surprise is the appearing of vocals in the second part of the album. Both the male one (in progressive rock-ish "Morfeu") and female (in the beautiful ballad "210117") fit well into the already established mood of the album. The real game changer though is the last track that lasts well over quarter and in which the band's eclecticism is closed within one track.

Two cherries on top appear in the Bandcamp's account of the group where you can download Mogwai's covers. And the Brazilians have great taste as they chose probably the most beautiful songs by the Scots, especially "Take Me Somewhere Nice".

"Boa Noite/Boa Sorte" is available for whatever you pay.

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