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Blanket Boys - Monday (2017) EN

Lisa and Joe Blankets create bedroom pop with a heavy accent on being drowned in a dreamy atmosphere. They do it so well that even as short an EP as "Monday" draws attention better than a morning coffee on Monday.

After the intro, the Americans from Ohio turn to the highest atmospheric gear very fast. Because the track entitled as the whole album is a hit without any doubts. Based on the dissonance between Lisa's dreamy vocal and Joe's neurotic one with a great melody and lyrics about, surprise surprise, love. "Bird on the Ground" focuses on this doleful murmuring while "Sidewalk Closed" makes one, catchy metaphor. Musically speaking, the band plays with calm electronic guitar and this is perhaps the only difference between them and the textbook acoustic folk. So, as a result, they came up with their own label - dreamy folk.

Great to listen to on a lazy morning.

"Monday" is available for whatever you pay.

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