środa, 27 czerwca 2018

A Burial At Sea - .​.​.​And the Sum of Its Parts (2018) EN

The English A Burial At Sea consists of five musicians deeply into heavy sounds from bands like And So I Watch You From Afar, Explosions in the Sky or Clever Girl. No wonder on their new EP, they show how loud, guitar music should look.

And it's not exactly what we picture when we think about post-rock. Firstly, since the very beginning we are attacked by rough guitar riffs sounding more like some psychedelic works by, let's say, Thee Oh Seas. The track that opens the album, "A Song for John Willing", does eventually get heavier with sounds that aim to smash the audience as is true for the next song "Scrios an Caine" ending with an extremely chaotic noise finish. If you have not enough of psychedelia, you can always drown into the torrent of trumpets in the final "Lest We Remember".

One more curious thing is the cover art that somewhat parodies the post-rock bands' favourite way of geometrically deforming beautiful landscapes pictures by adapting it to the industrial atmosphere of their city - Liverpool.

".​.​.​And the Sum of Its Parts" costs 3 GBP.

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