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Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching (2018) EN

Coming from Leeds, England, Hundred Year Old Man on their debut album called "Breaching"  show power that any younger person would envy them. Soul crashing guitars and the vocalist's screams are exactly what we want in a well-written post-metal music.

The album is opened with an intriguing intro, in which a gloom, instrumental drone is the only thing accompanying screams produced by the vocalist. It makes a great starter for the overall gloomy album that begins for good with the great  "Black Fire" which goes on for long minutes of ever changing pace and raw noise. It comes to an end with a wall of sound opening "The Forest" which presents one of the few moments in which the band's music gets this flow provided by electronic background. Truly epic music comes with the album's most impressive "Long Wall" where drums and guitars create one, massive wall of perfectly loud sounds.

The Englishmen don't know the meaning of boredom. Sludge metal guitars with their impressive massiveness and the way they warm up as gracefully as a tank, still make some space for catchy samples taken from radio broadcasts or old movies. And, what is quite surprising, for some very slow but also unsettling fragments as the one in "Clearing the Salients". 

"Breaching" costs 5 GBP.

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