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REW<< - On the Horns of Our Spheres (2018) EN

REW<< or Ryan E. Weber is an Merican artist with a particularly interesting background, he performed among others as Eric & Magill, cooperated with musician of bands like Shearwater or Volcano Choir, lived in Kenya and Armenia. No wonder his hew album is full of surprises too.

"On the Horns of Our Spheres" baffles the audience from the very beginning of "Dominant Species" with the artist's vocal being accompanied by lavish orchestral sounds and marching drums. This theme - combination of really delicate singing with energetic orchestra is repeated in the next track ("Adrift on the Sea of the Blind"). But it is contrasted with absolutely atmospheric ballads such as the brilliant "Our Houses, Built on Sand" for starters. This is a song where Weber is assisted only by the piano keys and it is enough to amaze the audience (what happens once again in "On The River Suam").

There is more surprises, the oriental "The Seven Islands...", Far-East ballad "Kitum Cave" or a dream pop gem in "Stuck at the Gate". The whole thing makes the listeners discover Weber's album like a pretty, atmosphere-fueled adventure with each time they listen to it.

"On the Horns of Our Spheres" costs 7 USD.

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