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WatchCamp June'18 Darja Kazimira, Film School, otom, thewalkingicon, Tony Anderson (2018) EN

Darja Kazimira - Хтона - моја Majka

Pagan enchantmnets by the artist who was the first topic posted on this blog. The Latvian comes back with her psychedelic dark pagan folk. Perhaps a full-length album soon? The track costs (1 EUR).

Film School - Crushin

One of those Californian shoegazes that make the whole world follow them, new track, the new album in autumn. The single costs whatever you want to pay.

otom - Without You

Delicately sang shoegaze from Japan, the airy vocal meets lively, industrial music and absolutely benefits from this encounter. Worth attention. The track costs 1.2 EUR (150 JPY).

thewalkingicon - Dead Heart

Gothic trip-hop knocking the listeners down with its electronic grandeur and brilliant, insanely catchy chorus. The Moscow-based band's music is worth-checking, a new single out soon. This one, together with a remix, costs whatever you want to pay.

Tony Anderson - Finding Your Heart

The single from an announced album called "CHASM" (out in August) by the American artist from Kentucky. Anderson's music makes a cinematic electronics sounding as if post-rock was played with samples and keys. Three version of the track (a shorter and a piano only ones as bonus) cost 2 USD.

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