piątek, 15 czerwca 2018

Cold, Cold Heart - Arch (2018) EN

"The most important instrument [on the album] is the listener’s imagination" this sentence alone made me want to listen to the new album released by Fluttery Records. The London-based Cold, Cold Heart seem not to have hurried up with creating the new material but when they finally did, it's worth waiting for.

The EP entitled "Arch" is a true piece of neoclassical beauty. Another quote from the publishers' website: "the integration of a string quartet and modular synthesizers have bolstered the grandeur, leaving the listener captivated by their sonic exposition.". Seems a bit over-the-top but the true meaning is simple, the neoclassical music by the trio turning slowly with the album's progression into atmospheric, slow post-rock, makes everyone who listens to it can't shake off the feeling of awe and being flooded with emotions.

Cold, cold heart absolutely doesn't refer to any of the band members.

"Arch" costs 4 USD.

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