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Live For You - Valentine (2018) EN

Dreampop-esque new wave attacking from the very beginning with its unique atmosphere, this is the new project by Caitlin Rae from  California, Live For You. The American's debut album, "Valentine",  makes her difficult to google without finding a lot about certain Welsh but it is also filled with brilliant music, although it's not very long.

Already the first notes of "Temper Temper" announce an uncompromising approach to cold wave as the artist's emotionless vocal (and also perfectly wave image of the project) is purposely collided with aggressively synthpop sounds. Another, more dream pop face of the project is shown not earlier than in the album's second track, "Poison-Darling". But still, the clear bass line and synth spaciousness give away the obvious lov for the 80s.

Gradually more dream-pop-esque is "Still Love You", especially because of the delicately catchy chorus that makes the track difficult to get out of your head, similarly to "Bright As Blood" which, despite te dark, gothic title, covers the audience with a warm, airy blanket of shoegaze. The album is a collision of many alternative genres and this is probably why it caught my attention so well.

"Valentine" costs 7 CAD.

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