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The Smilies - How Soon is Love? (2018) EN

The Smilies come from the sunny California, they have a funny name and play music that may be called an entertaining shoegaze. On their short debut album, they show how to play in both catchy and noisy way.

They dedicate the album to such bands as Lush, Spacemen 3 or Astrobrite and it's very clear why. The Smilies' music is filled with traces of the classic shoegaze, mostly because of the really loud and quite raw guitar sounds. But, there's always a lot from brilliant works of Jason Pierce or Primal Scream - especially in the way they make use of random samples (and it's no wonder, that one of the music fragments appearing right before the great "In My Head" is "Loaded" by Primal Scream themselves).

Another quoted song is "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway and it kind of makes the leitmotif of the whole album. Even if there's room for daydreaming ("Higher II") or slower kind of shoegaze ("In Time"), the tracks that especially stay in the head are those more frivolous.

"How Soon Is Love?" costs whatever you want to pay.

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