czwartek, 7 czerwca 2018

Pat Moon - Romantic Era (2018) EN

Pat Moon, just like her name suggests, creates ambient pop that is best listened to at nights. Her new album called "Romantic Era" makes a compilation of dream pop songs veiled with a thick layer of mystery and darkness.

This distance between the audience and the artist is the first thing you notice. It sounds as if Moon performed her music while being in trance on a forest meadow floating with moonlight. This is what makes her works so compelling, otherwise it would be somewhat blurred dream pop to dance to but now it just boils with airiness and beautiful atmosphere although, when one should listen closely, there is a layer of lively, pulsating electronic sounds to be discovered.

One of the best tracks include "Longing for the Infinite" with xylophone ruling the backgrounds and "The Way I Used To" based on a clear, electronic beat line. Throughout the whole album I couldn't shake off the feeling that I'm listening to Grouper who decided to make some dance music. Quality.

"Romantic Era" costs whatever you want to pay.

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