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gabriel / Cederström - Becoming Animal (2018) EN

Gabriel Wheeler, one of my greatest discoveries of the end of 2017, comes back with a new album inspired by French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. As always, the American artist's music is filled with magical atmosphere and lyrics but it can also make you dance a little. Long story short - he didn't get any worse than on the brilliant "To Space, To Heaven". 

As we are accustomed to, Wheeler builds his music on fast, lo-fi background noise. These are foundations of his songs made of fast pace but nostalgic seemingly non-fitting message. But the last thing is not true. When you only hear the artist's neurotic voice singing a fragment of, for example, "OTS 44", you can't not feel something deep in your soul. nie da się nie poczuć czegoś głębokiego. "Who was I this time last year?  (...) Was I happier back then? Maybe I was less anxious, less afraid to go to sleep" is clearly expressed image of depression, every day poignant sadness.

There's no doubt, the source of those feeling is an unhappy relationship. Wheeler comes back to it almost in all the tracks, be it in "Brutalism" ("I hate to admit that I miss you ") or "Hazel" ("We embraced/ And there was love there/ And then I woke up"). Very honest message compiled with lo-fi vibe of the whole album makes it possible to fall into this music without ever coming back.

"Becoming Animal"costs 8 USD.

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