środa, 13 czerwca 2018

Cloud Anthems - Areté EP (2018) EN

Cloud Anthems is a group made of musicians from the Danish Sky Architects and Chilean Baikonur, making a mixture of Scandinavian doom pop and south-american post-rock. Their EP shows how good a mixture it is.

The album's title is a Greek word meaning one of the five base notions of the ancient Greek ethics and is translated to "virtue". The influence of this culture is visible in track titles throughout the whole album with references to gods or philosophers. The real virtue here, however, is great music. Guitar music seamlessly transforms from atmospheric moments to those where the artists shift to a higher gear. And higher and higher. Already "Telos" shows us the grandeur the band want to play with and how energetic their music is.

The project doesn't use brakes even in "Eros", dedicated to the god of love, and absolutely not in "Areté" in which we can at last hear super heavy, soul crushing doom metal guitars. Everything in its right place, tailored to inspire awe and finished with a climatic outro in "The Death of Socrates".

"Areté" can be your for whatever you pay.

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