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Aikira - Light Cut (2018) EN

Aikira is a band created from a hardcore one called Vibratacore in order to elaborate on the music ideas the latter followed. While the band's line-up was broadening, the sound of the Italians clarified and evolved towards post-metal.

As they suggest with the album's title (and of course with the band's picture), the music on "Light Cut" is dark. The atmosphere is thickened up with massively sounding guitars, absolutely stemming from hardcore and sometimes REALLY aggressive (the brilliant beginning of "Yonaguni"). No wonder they named the third track as they did as vantablack is the blackest back humanity was able to create. Perfect inspiration.

You can't say Akira's tracks are monotonous. It's enough to compare the aforementioned "Yonaguni" and the first part of "Drive" that has a slow, almost jazz-like pace that in time turns into a guitar steamroller crushing everything on its way. Sounding best, as the whole album, when there's darkness outside the windows. The only thing I regret is that the most intriguing track, "Elemental 3327", is only a short interlude.

"Light Cut" costs 7 EUR.

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