wtorek, 6 marca 2018

Holy Motors - Slow Sundown (2018) EN

The Estonians of Holy Motors have just released one of the most important debuts this winter and can soon become an integral part of the European shoegaze map. Their intimate and dense music would make them fit perfectly in the Twin Peaks series' world playing on the Roadhouse's stage (in the video for "Sleeprydr" the vocalist is even singing in front of the iconic lynchian red curtain).

The characteristic trait of the Estonians is the deep female vocal reaching the pinnacles of oneirism frequently and exceeds them becoming often the personalization of intimate eroticism just like the pre-war American stage vocalists would do. I dare you to listen to the album's best "Honeymooning" without pins and needles on your back.

The vocal is accompanied by very slow and very loud live guitars (they threw a great concert in Kraków). The music only increases the atmosphere of intimate confiding, especially when the musicians build brilliant and emotional melodies based on the bass line ("Honeymooning", "Silently For Me"). What's certain is that they make an ordinary alternative music fan associate Estonia not only with Pia Fraus, especially that they have already been enthusiastically welcomed by the big guys: from Stereogum til Pitchfork.

"Slow Sundown" costs 7 USD.

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